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He drew up the covers. “Amy, you are an incredible woman, and I trust you and your decisions.” That made me glow more than my orgasm or any of the feelings I’d experienced. I was head-over-heels in love with Matt at that moment. Of course it was the love of a teen, easily given but deeply felt, all encompassing, and a more than a bit crazy. I didn’t sleep all that well that night. I don’t think that Matt did either. Just sleeping with a new person in the bed was completely different to me. I kept remembering what had happened and how it had felt. I kept relishing the feeling of my new love. I finally did fall into a deeper sleep just as dawn sky was beginning to lighten. I had these wild dreams that puzzled and delighted me until I woke a few hours later. Matt wasn’t there when I woke, but I heard him downstairs. I used the bathroom and quickly returned to his fluffy comfy bed. I heard him coming up the stairs. He came into the room with a tray that he put on the bedside table. He. I look up, “Abdominal bullet wound. I put a pressure bandage on. Emergency Services are on the way.” She nods her understanding and agreement.I stand up, and move out to the more open area. While I walk I tell the students to go into the cafeteria. Everything is happening so fast Mr Hills has only just arrived, and is being briefed by Greg. I stand in the middle of the grass area to look around while I get a small smoke canister from my pocket. When I signed up with Vampire Services, the emergency medical service I chose, they gave me a box of these little smoke bombs with orders to always carry a couple, so I do.I’m on my third scan of the sky when I spot the fast growing dot of the inbound helicopter. I wait until it gets a bit bigger before I raise my right arm while I activate the smoke canister, and I flip it a metre or so away. The smoke starts to rise to indicate the spot to land as well as the direction and strength of the wind. The helicopter comes straight in. I bend my.
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