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It was all wrong for Beth-for her age, her coloring and her body type. The skirt looked designed to cover up matronly hips, something Beth clearly didn't need.Still, it was hard for Beth to look bad in anything. The dress was gathered enough at the waist to show just how long and slender Beth's was. While it was probably supposed to be loose across the chest it wasn't on Beth, who had a set of tits on her that wouldn't quit.I got up as Beth approached and gave her a polite hug. She looked nervous."You look fabulous, Beth."She brushed a hand across the skirt of her dress. "I'm glad you like it. Ronnie picked it out for me and I wasn't sure." I love it. And I love how you look in it," I said, wondering if this Ronnie paid any attention to his wife at all. He could just as easily have picked the dress for his grandmother."Do you want to sit down?" I pulled out Beth's chair and held it.She moved hesitantly in front of it, obviously not used to the courtesy. I waved to our waiter and. ” As I walked back over to the window. And the yelling began to come up again. He hesitated and said, “that would be very sexy, but I know you better than that.” I said I know you do baby as I turned away from the window putting one foot on the chair and leaning forward to show the men my ass.” I knew he was picturing it so I figured I would describe it. Once more the catcalls went out and, he said “man they are loud, what are they yelling.” I don’t know they are just working and enjoying the show “oh yeah right, I forgot you were masturbating for a bunch of strangers.” He quipped sarcastically. I said, “no silly, not yet I am just naked for them, but I am going to start masturbating if you want me too.” He said oh sure go right ahead tell me about it.” With a snicker.I said well I am grabbing this big fat cucumber I was using earlier and I am going to stick in in my pussy is that ok.” Whatever you want he said. I took the cucumber in my hand and slowly moved it up to my pussy lips,.
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