My Uncle Fucking Unty

” Chris stammered while using his safe word for the first time.By mistake, the fourth strike landed almost exactly where the second one had hit which must have produced pain that he couldn’t deal with.Shit, not what I wanted.“Are you okay, Chris?”He took several deep breaths and got himself under control.“Yes, Ma’am.”“You have one left, do you wish to continue?”He thought for several seconds while silently contemplating his options.“Yes, Ma’am, I want to continue.”I had never been so proud of Chris as I was in that moment. I wasn’t going easy on him. I couldn’t. Yet, he was taking it. I took a second to compose myself and get back into character.“Very well, worm. What is the count?”He took a deep breath.“Four, Ma’am.”I lowered the cane down slowly, aiming ... Making sure the last hit would be on the bottom portion of his ass and not near the other four. I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.“SMACK...”Chris cried out and pulled again at the restraints which held true. Four very. If you study most of the videos in here you will see girls watching, making sure before they respond, like I do, to make sure the coast is clear, even offering their hand to assist him by giving him a quick wank and make him reach a full orgasm, then like me, slope off and do our own relief bit in some toilet, reliving the feel of his cock and the hot stream of sperm, which you helped to enticed from his tight balls, the very reason God made us, to entice out reproductive hormones and flesh to respond to such a display of the male penis, erect for us and on full show.So when did I first encounter such acts of love and affection, (From the mans point of view), well, in school of course, not in the playground, but in transit from and going to school. They say a girl has a weakness for a man in uniform, well I think a man has a weakness for a girl in uniform, especially wearing a school uniform, it appears to draw men into a world of the confused and curious female, the willing and.
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