Mari Maushi Nanga Bath

I helped her up and she looked at me and said I was such a good boy. She stopped herself and said I wasn't a boy anymore. She looked deep in my eyes then kissed me briefly on the lips.Ever since those two occasions I wanted to fuck both of them and tonight I might get the chance.I was supposed to meet my mom and her sisters at our beach house for a week during my summer break from college, but when I got there, they told me that mom got held up at work and wouldn't be down for two more days. I said that was okay and that we could have fun without her.The three of us went into town for dinner because we were starving. I am only twenty but they vouched for me at dinner and we ended up drinking two bottles of wine. Aunt Rachel as usual was wearing a short, clingy, revealing dress, while Carol was wearing a more conservative blouse and skirt. I couldn't stop staring at Rachel's tits or thinking about the kiss Aunt Carol gave me at her birthday.We got back to the house, flushed and happy.. She doesn't leave just waits in a darkened corner of the foyer as several hours pass. During this time a handful of men of varying ages and affluence arrive and press Daniel's bell for entry, she waits another half hour after the last of the men then walks back to his door. It's already open. Her head bowed she goes in he is nonchalantly leaning against the hallway wall, wearing a tatty light grey suit which is stained in a couple of places. In his hands he fingers a dog whip to which he pays more attention than to her. "Close the door and get out of those rags." She has removed her t shirt before even turning to close the door, once it is closed the trousers fall unresisting to the floor, beneath she wears lace hold up stockings, there is an obvious run in the right one just below the knee. She stands still, glorious in her almost nudity before him. Taking from his pocket a thin black leather collar he moves behind her to put it on and attaches a ratty lead to the D.
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