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“Listen Honey. I got myself into this jam so the only thing I could explain to him was that you were coming back from Florida and needed a quick place to stay so I’m letting you stay here. You see, I told him after our divorce you went down to Florida to work for a while and now your moving back.”Keith took it all in than replied. “So he thinks I’m just here temporary? Is that it Michelle?”“What else could I tell him?”Keith was upset but he knew Michelle only did this because she only wanted to get the job bad enough and he was willing to help out. At least for now. “OK. I’ll go along with it but we’re going to have to figure something out in the near future.”“I know.” Michelle replied. She leaned over giving Keith a little kiss and said thank you before going back to her cooking. It was getting close to 6 and Michelle had to get ready for her boss. She had changed into a sexy shear top and skirt and had a different pair of 6” high heels on. A little more casual than what she wore to. ..I'mnot completely blind you know. But I can't stop your father from wantingto see you each week, much as I like to." At this stage she then turnedand spoke to Wendy. "Wendy I apologize for speaking harshly to youearlier on. I KNEW all along that you'd never want to hurt Steven, butfor a while I thought you were all to blame. The fact is that Stevenseems to be somewhat emotionally distraught and I've failed to see it.The first thing I'm going to do is tell his father that Steven needs abreak from visiting him for a couple of weeks, which will allow me tolook further into the problem. I hope you'll accept my apology Wendy."Her words might have made sense, but I was panicking and I screamed outthat I didn't want my father to find out about this, to which mum told methat in no way was my father going to find out about this and neither wasmy brother.I always knew that when my mother decreed something, that that was how itwas going to be and I finally started to visibly relax. She then.
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