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” Gia smiled, then hesitated, watching Lacy again with interest, “Lacy…”“Mm?” Lacy blinked up from her plate, a small line of cum resting on her chin that she scooped up to place between her lips with a delicate finger.Gia smiled, projecting her usual strength, poise and confidence despite the small anxiety that now settled in her chest, “Me and my sister have been talking…” She started, noting the look of worry that now played across Lacy’s features as she swallowed her mouthful quickly, speaking before Gia had the chance to continue.“A-are you two breaking up with me?” She said, her eyes wide, her voice cracking.Gia blinked, taken aback then shook her head quickly, “What? No! God no.” She laughed lightly, watching as the relief spread across the girl's face, “We want you to move in with us. Like, actually.”“You… You do? But, I mean I know the sex is amazing and I really really like you both, but… I don’t want to commit myself if that’s all there is, you know?” Lacy said, her voice. We switch around, she lays down and I get on top putting the fake cock back into my ass and ride her. It is a nice view of her tits and my dick is getting to full size again and swinging with every bounce. She grabs it and jerks me while I play with her boobs.Riding my girlfriend is fun, but I want to be fucked to orgasm, so I get off of her and lay on my back. She gets between my legs, starts fucking my ass again and jerks me off at the same time. Now it is her urge to step it up and she takes the natural vibrator that was in her pussy earlier and holds it in front of my mouth. "Suck it!" she says. I'm intrigued and just go with it. I take the very realistic looking penis into my mouth and suck it as good as I can. I taste her juices still on it and wonder if this is similar to giving an actual blowjob. The idea surprisingly turns me on a lot and I get close to cumming. She thrusts and jerks as hard as she can and I shoot my load for the third time. It goes all over my stomach. She.
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