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“Who were you?” I demanded.“End me, I implore you,” the angelic head was clearly suffering in agony and covered in dung, mud and blood – strengthened by magics the head was still alive and could be bruised and bleeding.“Tell me who you were and answer my bargain and I shall!” I promised.“I was, or am Thalia, Captain of Corindale’s Honor Guard, I fell so that my sisters in arms could retreat and held off a mighty army,” she tried to impress me with tales of her valor.“Thalia, can you cast magic or were you simply a warrior?” I asked.“All Elohim warrior priestesses can cast divine magic as well as they can wield a sword,” she assured me.“If you could wield a sword properly you would not be hanging from the end of an orc warrior’s mace,” I assured her but Thalia said nothing.“Can you cast illusion?” I asked.“I work with the light and reveal illusion but I do not work in shadows, that is for your kind,” Thalia vowed bitterly.“How about now?” I dug my fingers into the sockets of her eyes. ’ Her face colors. ‘What I mean is, whatever matter there is, is exploded out and collected back, in an orderly fashion, so even the matter part is clean.’ ‘That’s not what you said.’ ‘That’s what I’m saying now, what does it matter what I said first?’ she says in exasperation. ‘Alright, look at humans, we make all kinds of mess. If sewage and garbage collection stopped we’d be overrun with filth in a week and we’re supposedly created in God’s image. All we really do is move the mess to another location anyway. If you question that, check out what we do with nuclear waste. Talk about moving the mess around, but that mess won’t go away.’ ‘I’d prefer not to be lectured on the dangers of nuclear waste by Peter Pan.’ ‘Peter Pan?’ I ask confused. ‘Look, clean your house. I know you don’t want to, but it’s a necessary evil. That’s what grown-ups do – things they don’t want to.’ ‘No, you and I stand here now because at every choice we went the way of selfishness.’ ‘What are you talking.
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