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She looked voluptuous. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly and neatly kept it aside along with her coat. She had worn a pink strap bra with the hooks in the front. I think it was a cup small since it pushed out her mammary flesh.She removed her panty and hiked her skirt up. I knelt before her and she offered her bush to sniff. I took in her scent and familiarised myself with something I had loved long back. I rubbed my nose in her bush. She was wet already and I knew in a few minutes we would be humping like rabbits. I licked her pussy and lapped at her secretions. She moaned as she felt my tongue on her clit.She had unclasped her bra and was now fondling herself. I got up and tried to remove her skirt. She said, “No. Leave it on and so for the bra. I will need it in case someone knocks”I left it at that and moved towards my targets. I kissed her lips and neck. We, French, kissed for about 3 minutes and separate for breath. My heart was pounding. I clasped her breast and began to knead. "Sorry to just blurt it out like that. Tom usually takes care of me before he leaves on these kinds of trips, but he has been sick the last few days and didn't want me getting sick while he's not around to take care of me," I said."Tom is a good man," James said."Yes, he is… but he's not around now when I really need him," I said sadly.Then James did something I completely didn't expect. He stepped closer to me and took me in his arms. "Donna I hope I'm not out of line here. I like Tom very much, we are good friends and I respect him immensely. But I have to be honest with you, too. Donna, I think you are so fucking hot" he said. "I have always wanted to take you to bed." Then he leaned forward and kissed me. Not a friendly, polite, kiss on the cheek, but a full on, "I want you now" kiss; deep and passionate and powerful. And let me tell you–that man could kiss!Before I even knew what I was doing I had my arms around his neck and was kissing him back. His tongue was exploring the.
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