Cum Shower

One is returning some of the other things that you left behind, another is to apologize and the third is to thank you.’ ‘Look Jerry, I have a meeting in 5 minutes. I don’t know.’ I looked at his face and held the ring tight, I made up my mind. ‘What hotel are you staying at?’ ‘The downtown Hilton.’ ‘I’ll meet you at the Bistro 921 restaurant at 8PM. I have to get to my meeting now.’ ‘I’ll see you there. Thanks Sandy.’ I went home after work to freshen up and check my jewelry box. I was sure that the ring was always in the hidden compartment I made in the bottom of the box. Sure enough, the false bottom wasn’t put back the way I always did. The inscribed diamond and platinum pendent that Jerry gave me was missing along with another necklace that he gave me. He liked to buy me custom jewelry and I liked his taste. I changed into an evening dress. Not sexy, but elegant. I’ll be with him to talk with him, not bed him. If he’s going to see me, I want him to see what he threw away. I. .. now we’re ready to be shown.” He bucked in his strapping as he watched the sweet sissy walked out to sneering applause from an eager audience, and boned as he saw the spiteful smile on Maria’s tanned face, her olive skin contrasting wonderfully with the alabaster flesh of the delicate sissy as she was led out. He could not see what the women are facing at the other end of the room though; he’d soon learn that this was for the main event. Joyce couldn’t help but enjoy a taunt before she closed the door again.“Don’t worry Lloyd, you’ll get your turn when Lucy’s done ... I just can’t wait.” Lloyd heard the spiteful applause and coquettish, cynical laughter, along with a few amazed gasps as the naked sissy was paraded before an audience of dominating women. As the host, Patti led her straight to Kay, the rightful owner of the sissy, eager to show her audience just what the deepest sexual desires for femininity could reduce what was once a male to. Lucy faltered, and cowered a little as.
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