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After a couple of days in the gym, I realized two things. First, it will take me several months to attain almost 50% of the body I wanted. Second, working out won’t serve to my actual goal if I couldn’t show it off to her. (I believed working out will attract attention).So, I tweaked my approach and quit the gym. I bought few sets of dumbbells and decided to work out in the morning in my balcony from where both of us could see each other. This plan did work to some extent. Now I could look at her from open. And she also got a glance at me sweating every morning.This went for a few weeks. One day she caught me staring at her cleavage from my balcony. It was just a second, that I turned away when she saw me. She didn’t react much and went in. I just wanted to bury my face in the deepest hole. But the line had been crossed.From the next day, she started wearing a dupatta over her neck to cover her modesty. I got shattered. I knew it was because of me. Not only did I lose my day’s. I thought of her as much as my own friend than as just my parents' friend.So, I drove downtown, parked in The Bristol's parking garage and took the elevator to the sixth floor. The card slid down in the lock as I heard it click open and I pushed the handle down and went in.There she was, my next-door neighbor, sitting in an arm chair. Naked.I did get the door closed behind me but, as you can imagine, stood there rather stunned.She rose and opened her arms as I stepped forward into her embrace as we kissed. Her tongue slipped between my lips and she began exploring my mouth as her hands slid down onto my butt pulling me tight.My heart was thumping as we kissed and my hands ranged over her naked back and butt, so smooth and luscious.Let me stop and tell you what Anita looked like. First, I now know she was thirty-six. She was five-five, slender with a nice figure and her boobs were beautiful, soft and round with just a little shadow beneath. Her nipples were small, dark red and very.
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