Fat Aunty Shaking Her Fleshy Tummy

“Spunk over my hand.”I didn’t know whether my whispers are getting through; I can hear them. I wonder whether he can or whether the birds and bees behind us are catching our filthy conversation instead.Somehow, I don’t think it matters because I hear a sudden growl and feel his cock stiffen. The bike slows suddenly before he puts on a little more throttle. His spunk surges out of his cock and over my hand. It pools into his shorts and I never let up until the very last drop is on the outside of his stalk.My dad’s breathing gets back to normal and the bike, once more, is under his full control. Turning the corner, we slowly come to a halt at the junction of the main road. Quite a lot of spunk has collected in the crook of my hand and I use the fact that we have stopped to prise his shorts open with my left hand and extricate my right from inside – complete with my prize.I lift my hand to my face and suck and lick as much of his spunk as I can.Dad cranks his neck around to smile at. He pushed me to lie back on the couch, and he was upon me kissing my neck, ear lobes and my lips. My moans encouraged him and I could feel his hard on poking my stomach. With swift movements he undid the buttons of my top and massaged my breasts on the top of it, pinching my nipples to erection and licking them from above my bra.We had just started to enjoy the bliss of being in each other’s arms when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Robert got off me immediately and whispered, “Oh shit man! I had forgotten Joey was at home. I am sorry darling but I have to open that door before he tells everyone. Please wind up.” and then shouted towards the door “Joey, give me a minute dude”.We got off from the couch and immediately put us together. I took the thick accountancy book and tried to focus on a balancing while Robert went to open the door.The moment he opened that damn door, a door closed on our romance. And time passed, as our career took its hold on us and drifted us apart. We.
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