Desi Couple Outdoor Fucking Update

"Very wise. What have you got in mind?" Here. This place. I want us to be able to build units here for people to come and enjoy." And pay for the privilege I hope." Of course. And pay well. Greg has done all the groundwork, but the bank won't back him. If I put Scott's money in it would make me a third partner." What do they think of the idea?" They don't know. I wanted to talk to you first. But first you had to understand the way things are between us." I looked into his eyes. "Do you understand?" Yes and no. More importantly, do you? It's an awful lot of money. What if Scott doesn't stay in Greg? What then?"A fleeting smile crossed my lips and I blushed. The blushing he didn't see in the fading light, but the smile didn't go unnoticed.I looked at him. Noticing a distant look in his eyes, and an uncharacteristic smile. Again that day, I realised mum and dad weren't just parents. Before Paul and I were born, they had a different life, and by the happy expressions I'd seen lately,. "What?! I told you I had to piss Bella, sorry," I apologized. "I'll tell you what, how about you make it up to me then mister," she ordered. Being as drunk as I was, I agreed willingly. With an exaggerated nod of my head she grabbed my head with both hands and leaned in to kiss me. My lips were still formed for a kiss when she released it. It was that hot for me. "Can I do it again?" with an innocent smile. I nodded again, but instead I opened a door to her backseat and pushed her in. Falling onto the seat My tongue just plopped out of my mouth as we began to passionately kiss, well, maybe not passionately seeing as the alcohol was the reason we were kissing. My hands began rubbing, and squeezing her tits, making her twitch and moan, letting me know she was nice and wet. "Mmm, fuck, you know how to kiss, wish I got it more often," as I moved down and started kissing her neck and undoing her jean buttons. "No, wait, I want to see you first." She said as she began taking my shirt.
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