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I felt the desire like heat emanating from her. Her mouth move by my ear, where her hot breath lingered. It was only in that moment that it really hit me: I had no idea who this woman was. I couldn't seem to articulate any other thoughts besides that. And it didn't seem to matter. I was lost -- so lost in her beauty and her lust.Suddenly, I felt her tongue across my ear, into my ear, gently nibbling at my ear lobes. A sigh escaped my mouth, and a shiver ran down my spine. My back arched towards her, and I felt her grip around me grow tighter.She pulled back slightly, and for a second I admired her pale, beautiful skin. Then she leaned in to kiss me. I ran my hand up and down her bare back, feeling her soft, smooth skin. Her lips were velvet soft, but her kisses were hard with yearning. It was infectious. I pulled her closer, feeling for the first time her slim waist. She was grinding herself on me, moaning in between kisses, and inadvertently rubbing her leg on my own crotch. The. Yes we both looked sweet girls lightly made up. All this time myheart was pounding, my hands got that nervous sweating again."It won't be so bad Jessica; whoever it is visiting will know we're allgirls here. Plus will be pleased to see such a beautiful girl, ratherthan a boy," Denise said while hugging me.Arriving downstairs again, Mummy checked us both. "You both lookbeautiful. Now Jessica do you remember how to give a nice big curtsy?"while standing waiting for my display.I stood a little nervously, took a deep breath, taking hold of my skirtand performed a lovely curtsy, as I had the day Denise arrived home."That's a good girl Jessica; see a girl never forgets how to actelegantly. I want to see you and Denise curtsy sweetly together," Mummysaid.With that we had a trial run, after a few tries we managed to curtsy asone. Which gave Mummy much delight as she said, "I love seeing my girlsacting so gracefully together."The sound of a car in the driveway woke the dormant butterflies in.
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