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Shit! The hunter was gone.Kaeli shoved her way through the crowd. She'd definitely found a vampire in here, but right now she was more concerned about the victim. She needed to find that girl and get an antidote to her fast. She watched the girl as she turned and walked, following her as best she could, but as she dissolved into the crowd all she could do was guess where she went and try to find her there.That had been a weird moment there, when the vampire looked at her. She'd happened to spot him feeding by the bar, and was about to report it to Dorian when he'd seen her, and when he looked into her eyes it was like everything in her system just froze. She'd stood there with her hand hovering in mid-motion of going to tap the transmitter in her ear, and she'd tried desperately to move, but as long as he kept staring into her eyes, all she could do was stare back. She couldn't even blink.What did this mean? What were they dealing with? Did this vampire have some kind of hypnotic. He also hugged me, but not as tightly as Lena and I felt strange about this immediate proximity that my employers showed me, but I felt happy that they clearly showed their appreciation to me.I should probably explain here that I grew up in a home without almost any physical touch of my parents and I had not seen my mother or father naked, neither on the beaches, in the sauna or in the home where you generally see each other bare.Their snowy religion, which I did not want to share with them, made the naked body considered sinful. With this background, all my readers probably understand how overwhelming my experiences and especially my first sexual experiences became this hot summer.When we arrived I saw that it was a fairly large house, which probably needed to be painted, there was also a sauna with large porch and a large jetty with swimming ladder.Lena showed me my room and said that Kurt and she would go down to the beach and swim and asked if I wanted to come along and I thanked.
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