Delhi GB Road Ke Kotha 64 Mai Hindustani Randi Ki Chudai

“Her daughter...” Inwardly I was thankful. I didn’t want a confrontation. We had none up to this point, Deena’s fitting well in this, her new home, and I’d like to keep things going along.“I told ‘er we could switch off on family events, but...”“Let’s just see what shakes out. Gonna bother Deena a little, maybe.”So today the three of us freshen up a bit and head out for a dinner before the event. Deena and I had already decided on a favorite Mexican restaurant. Bill didn’t kick over it. He likes the place, too.After the meal we headed to the middle school. Bill’s nervous. I’m a little nervous, too. The news about Deena having her teenaged best friend married to her dad is old now, but that just means that it’s no longer the hot topic of discussion. A few of our contemporaries, both hers and mine, have seen us out and about. Unlike a lot of teens, Deena didn’t particularly mind being seen in public with a parent.That’s one thing. The other is that she and I have been seen every day. As her middle finger worked, she stretched out her thumb and found Miriams clitoris. Wasting no time, she began rubbing the little button in a fast, circular motion. That was the final straw for Miriam. She had been holding back for a minute already, but the sensation of Bridgets touch on her clit sent a burst of pleasure coursing through her. Her back arched and she threw back her head as she came. Then she clutched at Bridget, pressing herself up against the maids fleshy body, her hips twitching as she rode out the orgasm. Gradually the fire ebbed away until it was gone and Miriam felt her legs give way underneath her and she collapsed sideways onto the bed. For a few moments she just lay there, panting. Bridget smiled at her as she absent-mindedly sucked her middle finger clean, before leaning down to plant a small, affectionate kiss on Miriams temple. Then she got up and wandered over to the other side of the room. I trust we arent finished? said Bridget with mock-sincerity..
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