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You’re all here because you’ve said you may be interested or your children have said they’re interested. Those who wish to take the risks should stay to talk with me. Those who don’t should leave. Thank you.” I give a small smile and get down from the cart, then they start to talk to each other. A few adults speak to teens, nod yes, and leave. Most of the teens stay, so do some of the adults. As individuals, or small groups, they walk up to talk to me about what they can do and what they want to do. Some who wish to go to set up new farms are prepared to fight their way there and to fight to protect the farms. Others wish to go on an adventure to fight the Brotherhood. I’ve Jay and Alice help me sort them out due to their skills and the weapons they have. Arrangements are made for them to go home to get clothes and weapons so they can come back to practice with us. After an hour and a half they’re all gone, and we can go back to our smithy work.Back to WorkThe bars are ready for. The two docs in town are no help. I remember when the Johnson girl got herself knocked up. Neither of them would do it. She ended up having to go over to Millersburg; some kind of clinic." How soon?" The sooner the better. The quicker she has it done, the quicker we get her back here and in business again. And by God you get yourself on the pill, girl!" Yes, Daddy."Two days later Marianne was on a bus bound for Millersburg. This was only her second trip outside her hometown. The first had been a school field trip to visit a museum. But that had been with a bus full of other students and teachers. Now she was alone, the money in her pocket to pay for the abortion. Her father had given her specific instructions on how to get to the clinic, but Marianne was nonetheless frightened to be on her own.When the bus pulled in to the Millersburg bus stop, the wide eyed young woman got off and began the twelve block walk to the clinic. Along the way she was amazed at the size and height of the.
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