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"How do I look." Gorgeous," I said as Tabitha and twill around myself, "and me." You are going to turn heads." I don't think that will happen." Trust me. The boys will lust over and there will girls jealous of you." Do you really think," I said very nervously."Oh yea, but just have fun with it. Tomorrow you will be back to normalno harm done. Besides you will now know what it is like to have men lookat you with lust filled eyes, like you do all the time."If I didn't have makeup on I'm sure that Stacy would see me go beet red."I never thought it was that bad until you explain it like that." Oh, it's not all bad. It feels nice sometimes, but it can be creepyalso." She could see I was nervous so held out her arms to give me ahug, "Come here," and gave me a hug. Just then the doorbell rang, it wasRoy. My night of torture was just about to start.Stacy let Roy in. He was in a tux and look to be any girls dream date,just not my choice. He had in his hands a pink corsage. Moving toward mehe. We chatted for a while, swapped photos, talked on the phone a bit, then set up a time for me to come over to her house. She said that she had a very high sex drive but had been single for a while and was really needing a release. I was more than happy to oblige.On the scheduled day I was super nervous, but also very excited. I arrived at her house and knocked on the door. She answered the door wearing a sexy, slim black dress. She was tall, in great shape with nice tits and short, brown hair. I knew right then I was in for a good time. She invited me in and we sat down on the couch and stated talking. It didn’t take long for the talking to turn into making out. We were kissing passionately and I was sliding my hands up and down her gorgeous body. I began kissing down her neck, as far as I could over her dress. After just a little of this she whispered into my ear, “I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.” I slide off the couch and kneeled on the floor between her legs and slid her.
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