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We’d love to have you come by on Saturday around noon and have lunch with us. We have our taxes done with a corporation neither of us are satisfied with and maybe you would consider talking to us about taking over that work.” She then once again touched my arm, “Please say yes, if nothing else, I can guarantee fantastic food” I really liked the two of them, and I had considered taking on a few private contracts, the money would be appreciated, so I accepted the invitation and I’d see them at noon on Saturday. Heading to my condo, I realized I had no clothes to wear, so I stopped in a small boutique picking out a nice loose fitting blouse, a light bra that showed off my nipples, not much but they were there and a skirt, that was cut above my knees and of course a cute set of heels. I then stopped in to a salon and had my hair cut and styled from the long straight type I had worn for many years. As the two of them headed back inside, Jill said, “I had no idea you were considering. For that opportunity, I would give my life to the Gau Clan in the form of an oath and do my utmost for the Clan.”Dr Skay also decided to chime in. However, he showed no humble attitude and observed no courtesies of this world remaining seated drinking tea.“I’ll swear an oath to your Clan on the condition that you swear an oath to me. You will swear that as long as I’m bound by my oath, your Clan will provide me with any resources I request within your means to do so and to never interrupt my research.“I don’t care for fighting, what I care about is knowledge, and as such I will swear to serve only the Clans greater good, and I will answer to no one but my own conscience and your heavenly laws, regardless of internal or external matters of your Clan.”James had to admit this old madman knew how to bargain. Indeed a clever old fox. However, the Elder had cultivated for hundreds of years and was no slouch in negotiations of this matter. He immediately countered with new conditions. After.
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