Young Village Girl Taking A Bath

I blinked my eyes open and saw a chestnut brown head bobbing up and down on my groin. Beautiful long fingers of a hand were making their way up my chest to my nipples, and then teasing them with caresses and pinches. This, along with the oral ministrations below, soon had me praying for release. I started humping my hips, to let my lover know I was awake as I opened my mind to hers.'Darling, I will give you a month of Sundays to stop what you are doing, but only if I get the same privileges when you finish your protein shake.''If you give me half of what I got last night, then you're on cowboy!'Wow! There for a moment I thought I was attached to a milking machine, pulses and humming vibrations surrounded my happy stick. All too soon I could feel the stirrings and rumblings deep inside my ball sack and then ... eruption. I felt like I spewed like Vesuvius, and the tremors were so strong I was sure seismographs were registering this incredible eruption as a ten on the Richter scale.. The connection was there all night between us and I kept getting more and more turned on. She touched me constantly, flirted with me, but she was shy, and I am too. After the party, we all slept at Tina's pool house, the four of us.By midnight Tina and Amber were drunk and passed out. I was a little buzzed, and Lexy only had a couple drinks, so we were good. We talked for hours, but the time passed quickly. She told me that Shad tried to touch her somewhere I didn't understand because of her accent. She took my hand and gently led it to her clit and said "Here".I only rested it for a brief second; I didn't want to invade her. I was really nervous and my face was getting really hot; good thing it was pretty dark. I tried to help her to get to sleep by playing with her hair, and I thought she was asleep so I went outside to look at the stars. She came out wrapped in a big blanket and sat next to me on the swinging love seat.She rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm over her.
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