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. I had to bring the next part to you guys! Be sure to go read part 1 if you havent already. Hope you enjoy, please remember to leave any feedback you may have.. positive or negative! Three days had now passed since I had met Callum. Three days ago Id got to know him a bit, went round his house, played Xbox with him.. oh yeah and had his mouth wrapped around my dick. In all honesty he was all I could think about from the very second I walked out his front door, nothing else really interested me. For this reason I guess it was a bit strange that we were yet to meet up in college and just hang out together during a free period like, its as if we were both a bit too shy. I didnt care too much though because after all we were both closet bisexuals and wouldnt want anyone to get suspicious, not that they ever would. We were texting each other like crazy as soon as we were both home from college as well, taking turns to give each other cute good morning messages and all that adorable. I pulled off and kissed my way back down to your chest to lick and suck up the rest of the syrup as you muttered, “Chocolate Val? You’re being greedy. Combining sex and food will go to your head. You’ll want me coated in chocolate every time now.” I giggled, lifted up the syrup and tipped it upside down over your crotch. I watched your cock harden under the assault and become striped like a zebra as you sucked in deep breaths. I leaned down and flicked my tongue over the tip. Oh fuck. As if his cock wasn’t delicious before… I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around to gather up all the chocolate. I moved my hands to cradle your balls as I licked up one side of your cock and down the other. “Fuck.” I could feel you pulling on the handcuffs. I smirked. Nuh-uh. No grabbing my head this time. You’re all tied up. I worked my way back up to the top, flicking my tongue in and out of your slit and watching you bite your lip. I plunged down on your cock, taking it almost.
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