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"None, really. Now, as I was saying, you will adhere to the office dresscode in its entirety. Do I make myself clear!" Yes, ma'am," James replied. He wished he could fight back a little more,but she had him over a barrel."Now, since you need a little more, shall we say punishment, rules fordress, you will do the following: you must always be well made-up; youwill always wear a slip or petticoats and seamed stockings; when enteringmy office or Susan's, you will curtsey; and, I want to be able to hearyou coming, so you will wear heels at all times. Oh, and I would like youto get better acquainted with our product line. Is that clear!" Yes, ma'am," a defeated James said, his head hanging down.He remembered the weekend from Hell, all in preparation for his debut asJanice on Monday. There were instructions in make-up, heels, dress andcurtseying that seemed to be never-ending. When Monday came, with hisfirst walk from employee parking, he could feel all those male eyes - didthey know it was. " Get in the truck?" she asked, taking in my shorts and T-shirt."Get in the truck," I agreed.Without a hint of terror, reluctance or distaste, Marcy joined Tori in the cab of the pickup. She was learning - don't worry about your body. She was also learning naturist etiquette - first put down a towel to sit on.Tori was, of course, happy to be there - she loves helping her daddy with his morning chores.Sandy was, as usual, waiting at the BreadBasket's loading dock when we arrived. Tori hopped out first, being in the passenger seat, and Marcy hopped out second. Sandy cocked an eyebrow at me as she nodded her head toward Marcy - this was a different, more relaxed 13-year-old than yesterday."She seems much less jumpy than she did yesterday," Sandy whispered to me conspiratorially. "Does her mother know she's running around like that?" Why don't you ask her?" I suggested. I didn't bother to whisper. "She's the one struggling to keep some decorum, over there."'Over there' was at the exit of.
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