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She also said that if you can get there at four thirty you can practice for a half hour, and that if the time's not convenient make different arrangements and she'll fit you in." Oh I think that'll be right dad, thanks. Now if you don't mind we've got a three-way to get to."He grinned. "Oh all right then, fuck off!"I walked Vikki up the stairs with Madeleine following to the sound of my parent's laughter and headed to my bedroom, where I set Vikki down. She took her uniform from Madeleine, put it in my built in robes, moved to the end of my queen-sized bed and reached into the pocket of her skirt for her mobile. I saw her wait a few seconds until there was apparently an answer and then grin."Horny bitch, judging by all that noise you're making you're getting well and truly... Two at once!... Yeah right... I mean how dumb do you think I am Sarah, I mean you're talking to me aren't you?... Come on give, who does the other dick belong to?... Anton!... I'll bet he's the one who's up your. Those titles, gentlemen, are most assuredly British!”At that point, with a most winsome smile Anna said, “Please sit down. And Her Majesty notwithstanding, I’m Anna Schmidt; my sister is Maria Müller.”The two young men took empty chairs and sat down. “I’m Mark Campbell, and this is my brother, Mike. And I can’t tell you how pleased we are to meet you two. We drove down from Edinburgh in hopes that we might get to see you, but we never expected to actually meet you.”He looked at Maria carefully, then turned his attention to Anna. Then he shook his head and said, “But I guess you’re not as good as we thought you were.”“What did we do, or fail to do, to cause that comment?” Anna asked in amusement.“As lovely as your picture in Mayday is, it misses completely.” Then he paused for a moment and added, “But I guess it’s pretty hard to show Divine grace in a photo, isn’t it?” Then with a grin he concluded, “I withdraw the comment.”Now it was Anna’s turn. “What, exactly, did you mean by that.
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