Erotic Outdoor Sex Massage Of A Couple Relaxation

Once Dr Lovejoy had his girth buried inside Michele's anus he lowered herlegs so that they now rested over his shoulders. He looked down at hertear stained face and smiled."It's ok Nurse; you're doing fine."Michele's only response was another silent tear. She had stopped sobbingand now and only mewed softly when she felt a twinge of pain, but nowthat she had learned to relax her sphincter she didn't feel theexcruciating pain she had previously. Even the burning sensation hadsubsided; she just felt full.Dr Lovejoy continued to press slowly forward cooing and encouragingMichele to stay calm and relax her anal constrictor muscles. When he hadall of his shaft inside Michele, he sensed her internal muscles respondand she gasped. Being a doctor, James Lovejoy knew what it was and itwas not pain. His glans had found her prostate. Her reaction waspleasure not pain.Dr Lovejoy knew better than to rush; he took his time gently rocking hisbuttocks from side to side his scrotum resting. Next I attached cuffs to her ankles and had her spread her legs wide. Each ankle was attached to a spreader rod.I stepped back and admired this luscious beauty before me. It would be a pleasure to shave her.I started by coating her pussy with warm water and soap. I rubbed the soap into the soft down of her pubic hair, making sure I got the whole area. Each time my hand stroked her soft lips, her body tensed slightly.I started shaving the edges of her hair first then gradually moving to the sensitive lips of her pussy. She shuddered with each stroke, but she was quiet. I was definitely enjoying myself watching her twitch and squirm. When I got the most sensitive area, I pushed my fingers inside her slit and felt it slick and warm."You're enjoying this slut, aren't you?"She said nothing, but her body was betraying her.After I scraped off all her hair, I rinsed the soap and hair from her bare mound and patted it dry. I ran my hand over the smooth skin several times before I stood.
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