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She smiled and seductively licked the cream from her lips. Putting down her cup, she moved closer, her robe falling farther open, until her body was pressing against Ed. Ed looked up into her beautiful brown eyes and brought his face up towards hers. As their lips met and eyes closed, the electrical circuit was complete and their love current began to flow. Their arms reached out to embrace each other as their tongues intertwined. Ed could feel the heat rising from Tina’s body and could smell the scent of her arousal over the sweet rosy perfume she wore on her warm skin. His hands found her breasts and began to explore them under her sexy robe. Tina leaned back and the robe fell away leaving only her sheer satin nightgown between Ed’s fingers and her skin. Her nipples began to harden under his manipulation and stand straight up through the fabric of her nightgown. While Ed was busy with Tina’s breasts, he felt Tina’s nimble fingers begin to unbutton the. He came back to bed and we started kissing and I got turned on again and I wore his tee and started giving him massage. I then started giving him a blow job and he was so hard at the end. He then started fucking me and I was screaming and he switched me to doggy style and I was able to see him in the mirror so I was enjoying.We climaxed and he went and cleaned it and came and said that we should head out soon. I asked him to come to bed and said ek aur baar he said to give him 15 minutes. I lay next to him and started kissing him and he was playing with my boobs and he got ready quickly. I asked him to do me from the edge of the bed. He went on the floor and I laid at the edge with my legs spread in air, he got his condom on and then entered me and held my legs on his shoulder.I was screaming like anything because it was giving me ultimate pleasure. I was holding onto the bedsheed and screaming him to fuck me harder. He grabbed me and held me in his arms. He was standing and he held.
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