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“I think you did,” he corrected, gently, “but that’s okay, really.” His right hand reached out and stroked the back of her left. “You’re beautiful, as I said before. A very attractive woman. I’d like to be your friend, but I make no assumptions about you – or any relationship we may or might not have.”“You think about that? But I’m old enough...”“To be my mother. Yes. But you aren’t my mother, thankfully.”They finished their meals and drinks, and Geoff stood, went to the counter and paid the tab.“I shouldn’t let you pay for me...”He shrugged. “My invitation. If you want to, you can pay next time. If there is a next time.”Helen suddenly realised that she hoped there was a next time. “Are you going back to your ship?”“Barge, but yes. Want to come?”“Yes, please. If I can drop these bags off at my flat.”They stood. Geoff looked at her feet. “Flat shoes! Good. Have they rubber soles?”“No, leather.”“Got any trainers? Something with a non-slip sole?”“Sure.”They walked down the High Street to. Once out of the shower, Darla listened to the message. The message from Isabella said, ‘Bruno and I live at 515 Lafayette St. Be here in one hour. Remember to wear the outfit we gave you, as well as the sacred objects. See you soon! (Click).’ The message from Isabella got Darla’s juices flowing again, for she now knew that her time at the gym had not been a dream. She then went over to the gym bag and pulled out what looked to be a toga miniskirt, with a golden head band, matching white thong, and sandals that tied up around her calves. Then after seeing herself in the daring Isis type outfit Darla remembered about the metal butt plug and Ben Wa balls that she had been instructed to insert into her. Going back into the apartment, she reached into the gym bag and took the semi-heavy metallic objects to the bathroom, rinsed them off, peeled down her thong, and then proceeded to lube the butt plug up. As Darla stared at the gleaming tapered metallic invader, smiled, drew a deep breath,.
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