Devar Bhabhi - Debar Bhabhi Ki Video Viral Hui Full Audio Part 2

Arjun was looking handsome, but had the nerdy look of some businessman. His body was fatty and he wore a glass. At first, Arjun was puzzled to see us. But Bhavna introduced me as his former student, and here in town for a purpose (Only we two did know what that purpose was)“Good to see you Siddarth. Sorry, I am in a hurry” arjun told.“You are not going anywhere. We have to talk first” Bhavna said.Arjun was again puzzled. But she opened the door and got inside. I too entered the house and sat.“Arjun, you have been a complete moron as a husband. You have loved me, I will give you that. But as a husband in bed, you are a worthless shit”I could see Arjun and his embarrassment. But Bhavna was continuing.“I have a lot of care for you and our families. I won’t ask for a divorce. But I need a boyfriend to fulfill my sexual hunger. Siddharth is my boyfriend from now on”.He was almost crying and I was laughing inside learning what a loser he is. She walked towards where I was sitting and. Now she was getting it hard and fast and the sensation was building. Then the first wave of ecstasy passed through her and every muscle tightened up and she moaned and sucked the cock so hard. Her orgasm causes both men to shoot their loads into her mouth and pussy. John has now pumped two loads and time for some other play.John grabs the leash and jerks her to her feet, “okay woman now we show the folks what a real whore can do”.Putting several cushions on the floor John has one of the men lay down then he makes you lie on top and put his cock in your pussy. Then he has another fellow with a big hardon come over and fuck your mouth and then the fellow with a very stiff but smaller one lubes up his cock and as John spread your ass cheeks you feel his cock enter your ass. The feel of the head as it slips in causes you to winch but soon he is pumping along with the fellow beneath. The sensation to two cocks ramming like pistons in and out of our pussy and ass at the same time.
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