Unny Leone Hottrippingex

I decided that I wanted a thrill, so I went to the local Target, with my leopard panties, matching leopard camisole, black garter belt and with stockings on, under my man clothes. I picked out a pair of Dockers and went to the fitting room, stripped down to those things and just stood there looking at myself in the mirror. All the while I knew someone might look through the crack in the door, under the door, or push it open, not knowing someone was in there. As I stood there, I felt so vulnerable and naughty, loving every minute of it. After a minute or two, I heard someone clear their throat and turned to see an eyeball looking through the crack in the door. As soon as I saw it, it was gone, so I quickly put on my man clothes and hurried out of the fitting room. Now I was scared to death, yet also thrilled, as everyone I passed in the store could be the one who saw me. I continued to look through the mens clothing, but soon was approached by a security guard. I thought this. That’s how he ended up managing The Shithouse. [NOTE: ‘Kicking Buddha’s Gong’ is ancient slang for being addicted to opium.] I went to the far end of the first floor, into Big Kathy and Thin Lynn’s room. They were 69’ing in bed, with dark Lynn atop blonde Kathy. Calypso The Wonder-Dog, a big black lab, was curled beside the bed. Calypso looked at me, gave a quiet ‘woof’, and laid her head down again. Lynn looked at me and smiled. ‘Hey Kathy, we have a guest, a really big tall one. Do you want Ron’s tongue or cock, and where?’ Lynn raised her pussy from Kathy’s mouth to allow her to speak. ‘Get over here and stuff that thing into Lynn,’ Kathy ordered, then pulled Lynn’s snatch back to her face. I undressed, took a big swig of white port, went to their little sink, scrubbed my groin area, and knelt behind Lynn’s butt. Kathy grabbed my vasectomized cock, mouthed me deeply a few times, then inserted me into Lynn’s cunt. After about every dozen strokes, Kathy swallowed me again. She.
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