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"Fuck," Rockwood thought, "this feelsamazing. It's like doing MDMA or something."Rockwood blew the Witch Doctor while he and Jesse moaned in unison on theirknees in the bathroom for what felt like barely a few seconds when suddenlyJeron jerked away, and was gone in a flash, leaving the two women gaspingfor more."What the fuck," Rockwood said regaining his senses. He stood up as Jessegroggily said, "where'd Jeron go?"Before he could even get through the bathroom door, he heard the familiarsound of a ball sinking into a pocket and looked at his reflection. "Guessthat was the 6," Rockwood thought, taking in the changes.More makeup, earrings, and blonde highlights in the hair. The white tube tophad turned into a lacy white strapless corset, that stopped right on theribs, and was low cut enough that the top of his areolas were in view.Instead of jean shorts, there was an incredibly short jean skirt and beneathit Rockwood could only feel a tiny thong. The thickly heeled boots hadturned. Those light blue eyes dull and almost lifeless at what he is.That body so out of condition the inevitable pot belly appears as he hasgrown older.Well today is Valentine's Day and he really makes the effort on hisappearance.Now refreshed from his shower, shaved and hair combined he stands in analmost new Dark Blue suit with the standard white long sleeved shirt andmatching tie to the suit, his shoes polished to a high shine, checkinghimself in the mirror almost happy with, retaining some pride in hisappearance, turns and picks up that bunch of roses and leaves the room.- - -The mirror on the wall sees all and hides nothing.Here she comes again looking happy and contented with her life, happywithin herself.Standing in her Bedroom the wardrobe is white with flowery decor just toadd that famine touch the doors and drawers closed and fitting properly.Her dresses hung on soft padded hangers, her shoes together in the bottomof the wardrobe.The chest of drawers, likewise all closed and tidy.
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