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”Melissa was a thirty-something black woman with fair skin, short hair and an expressive face. When she raised an eyebrow to mark a point, it was difficult not noticing.“There’s nothing I can say in my defense, but there are ... extenuating circumstances.”“Such as...” she pressed.Phil glanced around the room, as if searching for something. “It’s not something I can explain. It’s easier to demonstrate. Words won’t do it justice.”“So why don’t you provide a demonstration?”“Everything about my case is confidential, right?”“Of course, unless there’s a potential threat to someone.”He sighed before standing. “You asked for it, but I have to ask one thing. Whatever you observe, don’t interact until you note the effects. What I do doesn’t threaten anyone, but it has a pronounced effect.”With that, he turned and headed out of the office.“Where are you going? Your session isn’t over.”He stopped by the door, opening it and holding it open for her. “I’m providing a demonstration, but I need space. He kissed and licked the smooth soft skinned Rosa from head to toe biting and sucking on the thick nipples of the small breasts. He was excited and surprised to see a 7" uncut thick cock with no pubic hair and her ass cheeks were very round and firm. Rosa loved the attention Terry paid to her body with slow gentle kisses, caresses with his fingers and tongue. Terry was much different from other men she had been previously with and she was very experienced. Rosa had been with many straight men and women, gays and lesbians. Rosa was thinking that Terry was more like a woman who appreciated her whole body and liked foreplay and not just her cock. Her whole body was responsive to Terry's gentle touches and when his tongue licked her ass cheeks and her anus she moaned loudly and bit the bed sheets. As a result her cock was very hard and excited and pre cum was oozing from the tip. Terry tasted it and then shared it with Rosa with a kiss exchanging saliva and the salty taste of pre cum. .
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