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You are holding me close, pressing your chest against mine, our breath rising and falling together. You are wearing a dress, with a low scoop in the front that showcases your beautiful breasts. I reach behind you and slowly unzip your dress, from your neck slowly down to the top of your ass. My fingers slowly caressing down your bare back. My hands slide slowly up your back as we continue to kiss, my fingers quickly unclasping your bra, my big warm hand on your back, pulling you even closer. My hand slides down to your ass, caressing you through the fabric of your panties. You step back from me, allowing your dress to fall to the ground, and you cup your bra against your skin for a moment, and then shrug out of the fabric, and let it fall to the floor, as well. Your nipples start to stiffen with the slight breeze, standing stiffly from your breasts. You smile as you look down on them, and I quickly lean forward and cup your breasts in my hands, taking one luscious nipple in my. Jay immediately went to his room and explained to Sheila what happened. She laughed and reached her hand to his crotch teasing him that the babysitter gave him a little chubby. He pushed her hand away and she laughed harder. “Well at least I know you’re in the mood for some playtime,” she laughed. Jay flipped Sheila off with a smile as he walked out to make sure the kids were not attacking Annie. Shortly later Sheila was ready to leave and so was Jay. He was watching Annie play with the kids and every time her tight body moved he had to look away. He was either ready to leave or to take his hot babysitter to his room and ravish her. Sheila and Jay talked on the way to get some dinner. The plan was to eat then meet Derek and Jackie downtown at a “Lifestyle Friendly” bar for drinks. As they ate they talked about what the expectations were for the night. It was a no pressure no sex expected night. The goal was to get to know Derek and Jackie and see if they clicked or not. Sheila failed.
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