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All others in the command will only be authorized black spurs. And then only members of the Calvary combatant group. And in keeping with the agreement previously mentioned, if a woman candidate successfully completes the Cavalry training, and passes the testing for the order, she will also be authorized to wear the silver spur, and the gold spur if earned. There will be no distinction of bravery or valor in this Regiment.”“Next, let’s hear from the S2, Captain Burgess. What are we looking at here?”Standing Captain Burgess was a non-descript person. Average height, average looks. He was the kind of person that would be invisible in a crowd of 2. “Well Sir, starting at Wilkins, there isn’t much of any sort of threat. The town leadership is quiet, mellow, and friendly. As you well know.Outside of town, to the west and north, we have Obie Jackson. He is the largest landowner in the area. That is until We came along. His primary concerns are cattle, horses, and acquiring more land.Next to. That day Kaitlyn was too shocked to do anything so i had to find us an empty building that was an decent sized apartment. And setup anti zombie protections on the doors and windows. Our food was low so i decided we were going to take some food from the shops tomorrow.Even tho we didn't speak that whole day we felt more closer than yesterday. She was feeling more safe and didn't try to escape. We only managed to sneak back one sleeping bag yesterday instead of both, Since i thought that it was to risky to go back. Kaitlyn didn't object or say anything.Because i didn't want to be accused of sexual harassment i let her sleep In my sleeping bag while i slept on the ground. This wasn't fun due to the cool ground. Now i really know what the words "now I'm lying on the cold hard ground" from the song I Know You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift meant.I sleep like a log that night and had a really absurd dream where I was some sort of zombie king sitting in a throne. I looked down at my hands and.
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