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I sucked my fluid off each finger like they were cocks. My tongue lavished them. I moaned around them, so turned on that it hurt.“What do you think, baby? Do you taste like you’re turned on enough? Or should I keep teasing you?”“No, no.” I protested, “Please fuck me. I need you to fuck me.”He put the tip of his cock against my lips. He held the base to keep it steady, “You go ahead and start.”“Yes, Master,” I agreed readily. I pushed myself back into him. He slid inside easily, my pussy was so dripping wet.I gasped. God, he felt so good. My pussy throbbed around his cock. I bounced my ass on him while I panted in pleasure. My boobs swung with my motion. It hurt just enough to turn me on further.I rammed myself into his cock. I moved quickly, firmly. His hips basically slapped my ass with every pump I gave.“Desperate whore,” he said like it was praise.I laughed, and continued to slap my ass on his cock. I buried my face in my hands, “Master, I--I’m close.”“Already?” he teased. “You. I said”o.k. So sakti ho to so jao”. She cut the call. I knew that she is going to call back. She called back within five minutes and said,” o.k. Nind nahi aa rahi”. We talked till 2 hours before morning. She said,” Sid, get ready for a huge surprise”. Then someone knocked my room door. I cut the phone and acted like sleeping waited for 2-3 more knocks. My sister Sonals voice came,” ab uth jao sid”. I opened the door. She wished me happy birthday and hugged me. I got ready. Everyone wished me.After 2 hours my parents left for work(they are both doctors so and I never celebrate my birthday so this was my every years routine.)Sonal didi also was ready for her college( she was 1 1/2 years older than me and was in 2nd year medical science. My family is a doctor family. Lol.). I had plans to roam around city with Nikki and go for movie or some king. But sis wasn’t leaving. I was in my room talking with Nikki on phone. Suddenly she kept the phone saying that her mom is calling. Then my.
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