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We had flirted and teased but hadn’t progressed any further and I doubted we would. Still, we were closer and she seemed to think that she had some say over my life these days. A little bossy, but cute.“Why? I only know a few people here, and I am not all that fond of dances.” I shrugged, taking a sip from my soda.She leaned in close, “Because Charlene has asked me at least a dozen times a day who you are taking. She had turned down three offers already and if you don’t ask her soon, she will have to choose one.”Charlene was the girl who rode the same bus and had several classes with Bev. She was very cute, had a body like a gymnast and a pixie haircut that was perfect for her thin, almost elfin face.“Why would she want to go with me? She is fifteen. She would get teased by the others for cradle robbing.” I asked, shaking my head.“You are an idiot, you know? You are like, a celebrity. Most of the girls in the freshman class would drop their panties if you asked, probably half the. He personally authorized me to make any and all decisions for the guild during his absence, however.” He added. “Please sit down, minister Orvon.”Orvon sat in the large chair opposite the archmage, and said. “I assume you know of the Candran threat on the borders?” He knew that the Mages’ Guild was very effective with its own ways of gathering information.The archmage nodded, and sipped at the tea on his table. “Oh,” He said hurriedly when he realized that the minister was without refreshment. “Karissa!” He called, and the blonde mage came in, still not looking Orvon in the eye.“Yes, archmage?” The blonde said meekly, looking fine in her tight robes. Those robes don’t look to be standard issue... Orvon thought, slightly amused.“Fetch some tea for the minister, my dear.”“Yes, sir.” The blonde complied demurely, and soon brought a steaming cup of tea for Orvon.“Thank you.” Orvon said, and the blonde blushed as she quickly shuffled out of the room.“Looks like my little Karissa has.
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