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Several days later there was another incident. "Michaelina Lynn Morris,where have you been?" Jack bellowed."I was out with Jaymi and Courtney. We were rollerblading in the park,"Michaelina said. Rollerblading was just the excuse, they were actuallylooking at boys. Michaelina who was not into sports anymore, still lovedrollerblading it kept her in shape and since each skate had to go infront of the other when skating it gave her butt a nice wobble."It is almost 7:15. You know you were supposed to be home for dinner by6:30." The Morris family had become a traditional family who always ateat 6:30. Jack worked to six every night and was home at 6:30. Alisamade sure there was a meal every night (usually home cooked ) andeveryone was expected to be around the dinner table. If Michaelina wasgoing to be late, she must call to say so. But today, Michaelina and herfriends met some boys and lost track of time. It was late spring so itwas still light until well after 8:00 PM."I'm sorry. If it ever happens, it will have to be because I was the first to have sex outside our marriage. The trouble is that I have absolutely no interest in having sex with anyone other than Carol, so a couple of thousand guys never got a chance at Carol because I won't put my dick in another woman. It's amazing - she wants to but won't unless I do it first and I want her to, but I don't want anyone else so neither of us gets what we both really want - a real Catch 22."This could be your chance baby. Nail her and get your wish" teased Carol."Yeah. Right!" I said.I had to admit, however, that if there was a woman who could cause me to stray from Carol it was probably Janine. But how to do it? Five years of going steady with Carol, followed by fifteen years of marriage had killed off whatever pickup skills I might have once had, and I'd never in my life tried to seduce a married woman. As if reading my mind Carol said:"Don't worry lover, I'll help you."True to her word, Carol set out to help.
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