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Hearing Mark is bringing a man with him, Jessica and Jennifer begin to imagine it is someone Mark wants to introduce and fix up with one of them.Much primping and preparing occupies hours of the next couple of days. When Wednesday night arrives, the two women are giddy with expectations. They hear the front door open and Mark calling out as they enter. The girls fly to the door to welcome Mark’s friend.And what a vision the friend is. Who could resist Brian’s good looks? Silvering hair, deep blue eyes, and so friendly and polite as he is introduced to each, and then their mother. His slight Scottish accent gives him such an exotic air. Sitting first in the living room over cocktails, the sisters hurry to make for all. They just talk generally for a while.Both sisters are hoping Brian would like them best. That is until Mark drops the bomb.Carefully he moves to sit on the couch next to his mother as Mark begins looking first at his mother, then at his sisters as he talks. . At no point do I intend her harm. You should be aware that the position you are interviewing for offers the compensation of the use of three other women to replace what I take from Winona; that may or may not help you to get through this." I turned to Winona, "That reminds me, should I be testing you? What will be your reaction to watching Daniel sex another woman?"Winona looked surprised. "I'll be fine..." There was no confidence in her voice, though."I see we'll need to do more, here. Fulmala..." I snapped my fingers. "Give him fellatio -- suck his cock." Fulmala was mildly surprised, but she got up and went to kneel before Daniel -- making one problem obvious. "Daniel, seat yourself in that chair," I directed, pointing. "At this point, I guess that if you get out of it without my permission, you will have failed." We took a moment to rearrange ourselves; I settled Winona and myself to Daniel's right front as he sat in the chair, in a location that allowed Winona to watch as.
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