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.", I hope she'll even talk to me as I walk away.*********************************************************On my way there I see Ashley, "Hey, are you heading to my pla...." Stop right there buddy! I know what he did so save your story, your on your way to Katies right?", she was pissed, with good reason I guessI nod, "Well, I hope you have a good speech cause I was just there and she is NOT happy with you either. Also, you don't want to come back here for a while, maybe over night because Lee isn't going to be feeling well tonight!"I nod again and start to walk again"Goodluck Allen, you'll need it!"**********************************************************knock, knock* I knock at her door and wait."Hello, Katie, I'm sorry... I don't know why he did it...!", I wait a minute or so, but she doesn't answer. Finally I turn to leave.*click*, she opens the door"Allen, you don't know what it's like... to be a lesbian I mean...", she was crying, oh man, this is really bad"I didn't want to hurt. ” I then said, “That’s really fucked up that he would just assume that kind of thing.” We continued our patrol that night and then went to our homes without talking further about what that boy said. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and decided to go back to the porn sites to satisfy my curiosity. I was discovering something about myself that was pretty scary, and I was really thinking about what it would be like to suck a black cock. Going back on the internet just increased my lust and curiosity about black cocks, and I could hardly wait until next week for my patrol with Thomas. The next week on patrol I talked with Thomas about all of the cuckold stuff he told me about, and about the comments that boy made. I also told him that I had gone back to those porn sites, and was intrigued by a lot of what I read and saw there. Thomas could easily sense that I was hinting at something and he asked, “What are you saying Ed? Do you have an interest in seeing and touching a black cock?.
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