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I noticed some huts in the ashram. Then I came to the mail hall and noticed the swamiji was blessing the people. He was around 45, fair complexion with good physique and with clean shaved chin and long hair. I went to him and touched his feet. He blessed me and gave some flowers. I came to the main hall and sat. I felt somewhat relaxed and good. I closed my eyes and feeling the good. Suddenly I felt somebody calling me. I opened my eyes and found a lady of 35 yrs sitting opposite to me.She introduced herself as her name is Lakshmi and working in the ashram. She asked me about my problem. I broke in tears and explained my problem of being issueless for four years. She convinced me and said “Don’t worry, swamiji will perform special poojas if the case is little complicated. But definitely the solution will be there for all the problems. She asked me whether I am willing to meet him after pooja hour and I said OK.She asked me to wait for sometime in the other hall adjacent to the main. E. without penetration). While I bent forward to kiss him he then started thrusting his pelvis and poking me with his dick. I stood up and swiveled on my knee and turned around in a 69 position. I was mouth fucking and sucking him simultaneously. I must have gagged him quite a lot of times because he was coughing in between.He took out my dick and pried my ass cheeks apart and spat on my hole and started rimming me. I think I knew what he was intending to do, but I wasn’t up for anal, not at least that night. He coaxed me into trying it. I wasn’t sure. We didn’t have condoms nor was there any lubricant. All there was our saliva. He was at my ass and I was at his dick – lubricating them. He then placed my in a doggy position and tried entering. It wasn’t happening, but then he was behaving more like a rapist. More I resisted more he forced. I got angry and turned him around, lifted his legs in the air and spat on his hole and my dick, and tried fucking him. He shrieked and realized.
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