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All of a sudden when I finally worked out how to get back they turn me in another direction, I try to resist but Jamaal hits me again and I am sure that if I resist that he will hurt me badly. We walk for ages and ages until suddenly we stop in front of yet another run down building, although this one seemed less run down than the one which we have just come from. Jamaal goes to the door as Ijah hold me firmly by my arms. There is a long wait and then suddenly the door opens and an old lady scowls at Jamaal whilst he pleads with her. She seems about to close the door in his face when Jamaal points towards me, she looks at me mildly interested and then back at Jamaal, the two of them are having an animated conversation of which I understood nothing, suddenly she turns around and closes the door behind her. I think that Jamaal will be angry but he turns around and smiles at us.A minute or so later the door opened again and the same old lady is there, she gestures for us to enter,. Phoebe hadn't been happy to discover that Marcia had come. It registeredon the girl's face the instant she'd seen Marcia in the interview room.Phoebe felt that Walt had betrayed her, broken his promise, but she wasresigned to the situation. He'd come through, that was the importantthing. And to be honest, she hadn't really expected him to keep hispromise in the first place. What adult ever did? Anyway, if she'd had achoice, if it had to be one or the other, Phoebe would have chosen Marciaover her mom. Her mom could be a real nightmare in situations like this.If Phoebe could admit it to herself, she'd have to admit that she waseven secretly pleased that Walt had lied, that Marcia had come. It wasjust the sort of promise that real parents would break, wasn't it?They didn't linger in Chupadero any longer than the local traffic lawsdemanded. They waited until they were a good fifty miles down the roadbefore stopping for gas and cold bottled drinks at a convenience stationrest stop. No one.
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