Desi Girl Fucking With Moaning

As I knelt behind my former girlfriend I paused to take in the erotic sight before me. Situated in an enticing pose, Tara’s light red hair spilled down over her upper back, allowing a few slivers of lightly tanned skin to be visible before giving way to the shimmering black corset tightly hugging her torso and accentuating her luscious curves. Beneath the transparent, black skirt hanging halfway down her ass, her thin black g-string was visible, nestled deep between her ample cheeks. I licked my lips with desire as I moved into position behind her, lifting the light black skirt up, revealing the full form of her ass to my hungry eyes. “You just want me like this so you can get a little ass action yourself,” Tara declared, casting me an accusing but playful look over her shoulder. “Maybe…” I responded cryptically, leaning down and pressing my lips into her soft flesh as my hand traced the thin line of her g-string from around her hip down into the enticing crease formed. ?Of all the five housemates, I was the only one with a private room (since mine was too small for two.) So this could work.?Besides getting laid regularly, I’d have the opportunity to bring her into line, control her properly. My own tame God Squad member. I grinned at the thought.? She was either desperate to get to work, or to get Jesus out of her ass, or actually interested in the deal -- she was nodding, trying to get my attention back.? I noticed I was having trouble finishing the shaving job -- I couldn't reach properly between her legs. I lifted her free left leg, pushed her carefully over onto her back. Her right leg came with her arms, rising in the air, then hovering, bent, over her body as she displayed her mostly-shaved, slightly open genitals for me.? She tried to hold her legs together, retain some vestige of dignity, but I placed my torso between them as I worked.I finished between her legs, and pulled her stray left leg down again beneath me, leaving her on her back.
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