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She began suddenly to grow restless. Kai opened his eyes and looked into hers. “I never meant to hurt either of you, you know.” He said softly. Mindy sat beside him on the couch and caressed his cheek. “I know darling.” She said. At her touch, she heard Kai’s breath catch as he exhaled. She knew that he wanted her, too. She carefully took his guitar and placed it in its case beside him. She moved close to Kai and pulled him close to her. “You know that I love you, don’t you?” she asked. Kai said, “Of course I do. You know that I love you, right?” Mindy knew that it was true, but she also hated it when Kai asked her that question. Instead of answering, Mindy turned to face Kai. She looked him in the eye until she couldn’t stand it anymore. In a sudden moment of sheer lust, Mindy leaned in close to Kai. “Prove it.” She whispered into his ear. She heard him sigh deeply, and she knew that she had him ready to pounce at her. And he did. Suddenly, Kai pushed Mindy down on to the couch.. Besides, as I reminded her with a sharp spank, it was not her place to question me. Of course I kissed her better where I had earlier spanked her, that led to Sue staying the night.On those nights Sue did go home she made sure to be back in time for us to run the agility course and then shower, we did the ‘thing’, bonding, it pulled us a little closer each day, and our hair never felt better, it certainly shone, blonde and anthracite, both sparkling in the sunshine.My first time back in King’s kennel went much as Sharon predicted, his attitude was markedly different, of course he was still the alpha dog, but now he saw me as an alpha bitch, no longer did he try to dominate me, we fucked just as hard as before, though nowhere near the intensity of that last mating. Afterwards it left me empty, well fucked, but missing that sense of being owned that I so desired.It seemed that being an alpha bitch was a double edged sword. I wondered if the benefits really outweighed the costs.Sharon.
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