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That way, he won't get suspicious at all ... he'll think you're mercenary, like he is, and he'll respect you for it!"The next day, the FBI had Bobby Joe Hutchins brought to their office with a phone set up to record the conversation between him and Harold Green. Charles sat him at the table in front of the phone. "You'd better make this sound good or we'll make sure the Attorney General knows that you didn't cooperate!"Hutchins took the phone from the agent who handed it to him after they'd dialed Harold Green's private office number. After two rings, Green answered. "Mr. Green, it's Bobby Joe. It's done. Those problems you wanted taken care of have been ... eliminated." Well done, Hutchins. I'll add that ten grand to your payment for this weekend's work." Yeah ... about that, Mr. Green. You see..." He paused and hissed through his teeth like he was in pain. "I can't go anywhere for a few days. I've cracked a few ribs and I think I may have sprained an ankle taking care of those. Minh? What's going on?There is a Chofri here! Minh answered, its thought tinged with something akin to awe.For a Chofri to have survived this long, especially in captivity, it must have had the highest levels of enhancement available to their science. This might well be someone worth risking the mission for.How do you know? Pham asked.I can sense its MI, Minh answered, but for some reason, it refuses to answer my communication.Where?Through that hatch, but far away, the MI responded. Please, if we can, we must help!Let's go! Pham did not question further. Aside from the fact that the human race owed the Chofri a debt that they could never repay, this Chofri might just be able to provide information critical to their defeating the Gorz.Martinez, Jones, you've got the door. The rest of you are with me.The door was not locked but they had to wait for one of the MIs to jam its sensor so the ship's computer would not detect their entry. Jones and Martinez took up guard positions outside.
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