I want you to promise Billy that you won’t be a pervert and peep on me changing. Do you promise Billy?”“I pwomise.” said Billy crossing his heart with his finger.“I trust you Billy because I know you’re a good boy.”Since I knew Billy wouldn’t and couldn’t tell on me I was a lot bolder around the house. I wore only a sports bra and yellow jersey shorts with white stripes. I tried to do yoga in the living room a lot and show off my body as much as possible.Yoga also gave me an excuse to take plenty of showers which I’d always announce so Billy would know it was time to peep in his hole.“Wow. I’m beat. Better hit the showers.”As I slipped off my jersey shorts and sports bra I checked the periscope I’d installed on my side to make sure the lucky guest was indeed peeping in the guestroom. Sure enough Billy had his face pressed directly against the closet wall.After my shower I put on quite a show for him by standing naked in my full length mirror and massaging oils and creams into my. If I could stay like this for four years, college truly would be the best years of my life! It was! This place is going to be awesome, Tay said. She pulled the sundress over her head, and just like that, she was standing in all her naked glory right in front of me. I thought her body was good with clothes on but she was damn near perfection! She didnt even seem to notice my jealous glare as she continued. You had all the hot guys all over you tonight. And girl, you can dance. I blushed. Here I was angry that I didnt look as good as her, and she was raining compliments on me. I struggled to get my own tight dress off. I hadnt thought about how hard it might be to get the dress off when I was hammered drunk. Let me help you sweetie, Tay said. She crossed the room, still completely naked like there was no care in the world. She stared deep into my eyes as she helped pull the dress over my head. Her green eyes were glazed, she had to be about as drunk as I was. When the dress was off,.
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