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She agreed and it was me and her.She told me about how she liked me since the first day and Richa knowing all about her feelings. She felt betrayed by Richa. I just to save whatever of the bond we shared, I shared my side of the story. I told her I liked you both Richa and Monica. Richa kinda asked me out and this lead to our relationship and my loyalty still stood for her. I told her it had nothing to do with Richa’s intentions or mine or hers. Things just turned out this way. She understood and just said things will be fine between me and her but it will take some time for Richa to get an okay. Days followed and things settled a bit between Richa and Monica. Although I saw a change in Monica’s behavior towards me. She would always try to sit next to me wherever we go. If Richa ever asked her for the seat, she would simply reply that you do what you want in your couple time.Richa was cautious handling Monica’s situation, so Monica was using the leverage to her devious plan. Monica. She was just what you would think an Irish girl would look like, fair skin, bright red hair and freckles, lots of freckles. Amy knew her father would love to fuck Erin and Erin would love being fucked by him. She went home with Amy the Friday before Frank's birthday. Erin got a shower and put on her makeup. She lay down naked on Frank's bed. When Amy saw her dad pull in to the driveway she ran in to the bedroom to put the finishing touches on Erin. She was back in the kitchen when Frank came in the front door. "Hi daddy. Hang up your coat. I have a drink made for you. I'll bring it into the bedroom."Amy got to the bedroom door right behind Frank. He had stopped in his tracks and was staring at Erin. "Happy Birthday, daddy. Erin is your first birthday present. I hope you enjoy her," said Amy. She had sprayed whipped cream on Erin in the shape of a bikini and put cherries on her nipples and clit. "She looks good enough to eat doesn't she? If you don't eat her I'm going to."Without.
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