Hot Paki Couple 2 Clips Part 2

" Well if that is true Gloria, all they have to do is put an army of private detectives on the case and they will turn up the skinny on you and Jumal in no time." That won't matter Jack. There is nothing in daddy's will that says I can't cheat on my husband and if push comes to shove I'll fall back on that old standby, "I love my husband, but I'm a slave to a big, black cock." If that happens you will be shocked, but you love me so much that you will forgive me. Besides, I have a ton of personal security. You won't even know that they are there, but any private eye that tries to get close will meet them up close and personal. Money does have its advantages Jack."The script had the two of us in the honeymoon suite and Jumal in a room just down the hall. I was to sleep in Jumal's room and he would be sleeping with Gloria. All the activities planned for the two weeks were scheduled to give Gloria and Jumal as much time together as possible while I read one of the many books I'd brought. She looked at Jake's ear, and there was nothing thereto indicate that he had been pierced - no redness, no indentation, and certainly no hole ofany kind. Kate realized that Jake hadn't moved or made a sound while she had beenplaying with his ear. There hadn't been any blood when the ring went in, and now therewasn't any evidence of the piercing at all now that it was out. Kate began to grinwickedly. Why stop at only an ear? If the results of her prank could be so completelyeliminated, why shouldn't she go all the way? Before her better nature could get in the way, Kate began selecting pieces ofjewelry from the box. With a calculating eye, she held each ring or semi-circle or barbellin place, whispered the magic word, "trey thee oh", and with a flash of light, Jake boreanother piercing. She inserted two rings in each earlobe, one large in diameter, onesmaller. She pierced a ring through the cartilage of the arch of his right ear, and stuck atiny barbell into the tragus, the little.
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