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Without a care in the world I did as he asked, facing him with my floppy boobs hanging out of my bra and my knickers and tights around my knees.I snapped out of my daze when a flash of light went off. The cheeky bugger was taking photos of me in my bedraggled, well fucked state. "Just a little something to remember you by." He chuckled as he gave my tits one last shake before going back to his mates. My head was spinning as I tried to quickly fish my g-string out of my tights. I finally untangled them and drunkenly pulled them up; but they were twisted and the gusset was soon inside my sticky labia as I pulled my fishnet tights up as high as possible. My fingers were soon covered in the muscleman's excess spunk that was leaking out of my well drilled hole as I tried to adjust my knickers; but it was useless; so I just popped my sore boobs back into my bra and waddled back to the smoking area with my undies becoming even more uncomfortable as they got sucked into my soaking cunt. I. Expecting someone to tell her to enter she remained standing their until she recalled that the doctor would be with them shortly; so in all likely hood the room would be empty so she tried the door and then entered.As she looked around she was impressed; the office was spacious and almost divided into two sections, the main section contained a large almost ornamental desk which would not look out of place in a financial office; a luxurious double leather settee facing the desk and a back of filing cabinets behind the desk. She walked over to the settee and as she did so she glanced at the other section of the office which was the exact thing you would expect to see in a gynaecologist's examination room including the tiled floor and examination table. She carefully sat on the settee noting the leather felt cold against her skin at the gap in her gown.Just then she was startled as the door opposite where she had entered suddenly opened and in stepped Pete; he smiled in her direction.
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