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.."She's counting them up in her head. God, how many can there have been in six days?"Nine." NINE!! Since last weekend?" Yeah. There was one guy when I went out for my birthday, we went back to his place, and that was okay. There was that guy I met at the shops on Monday, we fucked in a motel room. Tuesday was some guy I met whilst out running, we did it in his car, which was fun but I wouldn't recommend it. Wednesday I fucked Brad at school, Thursday was Tom, Friday was James, but the headteacher caught us, so I had to fuck him to get us out of trouble. And last night, there was this guy, I fucked him once in the toilets, then him and his mate back at his place. I think that's nine?" You slut!" Daddy! It's your fault. You got me all these sexy clothes, and the piercings, and got me all turned on before I went out for my birthday, and it's just kind of snowballed from there. You're not angry, are you Daddy?"Angry? It was what I was hoping for."No darling, just a little surprised.. ."Sean:Everyone headed out. That left me exactly where I had been two weeks before, alone. Only this time I was at loose ends. The big project was as complete as I could get it and the small project was still in the planning stages. I took the Mercedes and drove to Union. Francine Martel was doing her last show of the stop. I hoped to catch her before she left for a wrap party.I arrived about 10:10 PM. As I hoped, there were a few people exiting but not the main press. I slipped into a newly vacated parking stall and ran up to the building. A few minutes and $20 arranged someone to take a message backstage. Several minutes later I was surprised to see Francine coming. I had expected a message in answer to my note, not the diva herself.Francine had an explanation, but it was lost in the background. We went with the flow. Once we reached my car, I looked at fast food signs in the distance. I asked her if Waffle House was good enough, which it was. Once we were settled, with cups of.
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