Desi Couple Doggy Style

Inside Kylie's head there was nothing but an endless screaming to run and hide. She couldn't understand anything. Why had her boobs turned to mountains? Why was she dressed like a common slut? Why was sitting so that the group of girls at table seven could stare right at her pleasure zone. None of it made any sense and what made even less sense was that she could feel herself getting more and more turned on by her predicament. The more eyes she felt on her, the redder her face flushed and the redder her face flushed the hotter her cunt burned. As every painstakingly slow minute passed by, her dilemma slowly tilted away from why she couldn't run away and more towards why she couldn't see to her needs downstairs.Heidi was having a great time watching all this. The conflicting torments within Kylie made her feel warm inside and therefore she thought it only fair that Kylie also feel warm inside."Stop!" she commanded, and once again the world froze. Heidi got up from where she had been. She twisted around into a sixty-nine position so that Carby could reach her ass. “Lube me up, and the toy, too. And hurry,” she said, shaking her tail provocatively in his face.With that, she felt a cold dollop of lube dropping directly on to her asshole, which clenched in surprise but loosened when Carby’s finger smoothly penetrated her and worked the lube inside and out. His hands left her and Sandy's head dropped down, waiting for him to insert the toy. The toy she had selected slid easily to the first bump where Carby had to push to get it to go in further. It slid easily until the next, larger, bump, where a push was required. It was now more difficult to push in but Carby eventually had the base of the toy pushed firmly against her ass and it was not going to go anywhere.She gingerly moved off of him and with a wicked smile, said, “Your turn.”“No way,” he argued.“Oh. OK, if you want to stop, your clothes are over there.”“But…” he complained, “But…”Sandy was now sitting on a.
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