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I am ushered into a ‘play room’ where there is a bed stripped of mattresses and bed clothes: various kinky magazines are lying round along with a few items of pain… impending pain. ‘Lie face up on ze bed vith your arms outstretched and your legs apart – I am going to torture you.’ She states matter-of-factly. A chill runs through my body but I feel I must comply, such is her natural dominance. Secured tightly, I am now at her mercy, my life and well being is in her hands… the very hands that had just administered the worst beating I had endured for a very long time. She turns to the side and produces a pair of nipple clamps. ‘I zink you vill like zeze…’ She smiles sadistically. I gasp as she attaches each one – they really are tight and my nipples feel as though they are being gripped by pliers. I grit my teeth – I must not start to beg. After a few seconds, strangely, the pain becomes bearable. She then starts to attempt to fix pegs to my inner thighs but they keep slipping off.. I was excited and looked at Radhika aunty for some action. Around 11 am, her mother-in-law slept for some time in her room. As soon as she slept, I looked at Radhika aunty. She asked me to go to my room.I went to my room and removed my clothes, ready for fun. I lay on the bed in my underwear only. In the next 5 minutes, Radhika aunty came to my room and locked the door from inside. She came to me and said, “Promise me, Raj, you won’t tell about this to anyone.”I promised her and pulled her towards me. We both lip-locked and started kissing each other. She was then taking control as she was kissing me passionately. She removed her nighty and threw it on the bed. She was standing in her bra and panty.She quickly unhooked her bra and panty and hung them on the door. Ohh, gosh, Radhika aunty had a hell of nice boobs and nice partially shaved pussy. I, too, removed my underwear. We now hugged each other rubbing her naked bodies.I felt excited and started playing with her boobs and licking.
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