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First of all we detrained (as they say in America) at 54th Street East on Lexington Avenue. It was only after an hour or so of wandering about hopelessly lost in a district that was a lot posher than we expected that we discovered our mistake and somehow made our way via Grand Central Station to 54th Street West. At least, unlike the London underground, New York subway trains ran well after midnight. And all the while we were terrified that we’d get mugged or shot or gang-raped. All we knew about New York came from movies like Taxi Driver and we expected there to be junkies, hookers and criminal gunmen on every street corner. The Hotel Gettysburg lived up (or down) to our low expectations. It was just the sort of dive I’d imagined all of New York was like. Clearly, Sanity Records spared at least some expense for us. This was definitely not America at its best. It was an America that smelt of cat’s piss, where the carpet was kind of sticky, where there was the constant musk of stale. "She hugged me tightly and cried again, but thankfully only for a few moments."Not much? Tommy, it's a palace, thank you, darling."I showed her the bedroom and apologised for having to share a room."But at least there are twin beds." I laughed and squeezed her hand, I thought she was going to cry when I showed her the bathroom, she stood and stared at the gleaming tiles, the whole bar of scented soap, the toothpaste, the bubble bath, the big fluffy towels on the heated rail."Can I have a bath, Tommy." Shall we try that again mum please?" I laughed and could have cried for her when she said with bowed head."Can I have a bath PLEASE?" Oh God mum, I'm sorry." I hugged her again, "You were supposed to say, "I'm having a bath," not ask me if you can have one."To my great relief, she managed a smile and said, "Tommy, I'm having a bath." Repeat it mum, firmer, tell me."In the haughtiest voice she could muster, she drew herself up to her full height of just over five feet and announced.
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