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I then tried and immediately rejected putting my hair into pigtails. I shook out my locks once more and let them hang loose, knowing that the humidity would quickly straighten out what little curling I can get into my hair. Some smoky makeup in green and gold hues finished up my morning ritual.I opened my curtains and there, like clockwork, was Thomas working out. He was barefoot, with his tank top off and strewn on the ground beside him. His body glistened with morning sweat, and I watched him for a few moments as he squatted, bent, and stretched. I watched him from my perch with open lust. I teased my nipples until they were throbbing while I mused over the torture I was going to subject my poor little nephew to. I caressed my inner thighs and between my legs until my clit was rock hard. I forced myself to stop before I got all carried away once more. It was my day to tease him, not to tease myself into a sexual stupor.Fully primed for my grand entrance, I sauntered downstairs and. I could feel my cotton thong beginning to get damp. As I finished my drink, I said I needed to go to the ladies’ room.Tom said he also would go and we both headed to the back of the pub; but he entered the men’s room, I followed him...I smiled at him as I reached for his crotch and unzipped his fly. Tom had a huge nice cock. It popped out of his trousers now, semi erect.I immediately fell to my knees and began sucking the thick head.My lover let out a soft moan as I worked on his growing dick with my eager tongue. I had been going at it for a couple of minutes when the door opened and another guy came in.He just looked at us and he moved to the urinal.I kept sucking Tom’s huge cock. When the new guy finished he kept is cock out and started wanking as he watched us. After a minute I reached over and started sucking this new cock. When he was fully hard I stopped sucking and stood up.I told them I needed to have a leak. Then I hiked up my skirt, lifted my leg and put my foot on one side.
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